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Privacy Policy

The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) is committed to providing a secure private environment for its users to communicate. This page summarizes our current information gathering and dissemination practices.

Mailing Address Privacy
The Society collects names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information to contact members, conduct business, and enhance services. The Society does rent mailing addresses to advertisers for one-time use but does not release telephone numbers or e-mail addresses to outside agencies, and the Society maintains systems that guard against unauthorized or multiple uses of mailing addresses. To opt out of these mailings, please contact SBL Customer Service.

When a person visits our website, a temporary cookie (or file) is used to aid navigation on our website, but the cookie is not used to collect information and is automatically destroyed upon your exiting the site.

Email Address Privacy
Email addresses are used to correspond with individuals regarding Society and Membership information to communicate with those who write for the SBL and with those who subscribe to the SBL newsletter, which is sent through e-mail. On occasion, SBL will also send emails on behalf of publishers and other advertisers of interest to SBL members. All such emails are marked as originating from SBL. To opt out of receiving these emails, click the opt-out link on the bottom of the email or contact SBL Customer Service.

External Links
As a service to users, our website includes links to other sites of interest. The Society is not responsible for the content of non-SBL sites and disclaims all liability for damages arising out of their use or for their privacy policies.


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