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International Voices in Biblical Studies

(Online ISSN 1949-8411)

Welcome to International Voices in Biblical Studies (IVBS), an online, peer reviewed, open-access book series that provides a platform for biblical critics and authors particularly from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Eastern Europe. The series publishes scholarly, creative, and compelling works that engage the biblical text, its history, reception, and interpretation. Works may be traditional or experimental in method and perspective, but with serious attention to context, be it local, regional or global. Submissions in local vernaculars are also considered. Whenever possible, the works will be published in English and the primary language of the author.


The series has an editorial board comprised of scholars from around the world who will be accepting and soliciting manuscripts for consideration for publication in this peer-reviewed series.

Recent Publications

ZER RIMONIM Studies in Biblical Literature and Jewish Exegesis Presented to Professor Rimon Kasher

The present volume is a collection of original papers written in honor of Professor Rimon Kasher, emeritus professor of Bible at Bar-Ilan University, where he taught for nearly forty years. All the papers included in this volume were written in modern Hebrew. They are the fruits of ongoing research done in Israel by Israeli scholars. The authors whose papers are presented here teach at Bar-Ilan University and at other Israeli universities : Tel Aviv University; Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Haifa University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Region Middle East & South Asia
Author/Editor Michael Avioz
Co-Author/Co-Editor Elie Assis, Yael Shemesh
Published 10/22/2013 4:16:34 PM

Women at Work in the Deuteronomistic History

The Deuteronomistic History includes a host of workers who harvest and glean, fetch water and cook, spin and weave, heal the sick and much more. The mostly anonymous women who performed this work for others are sometimes mentioned only in a single verse. Consequently, they often are as unrecognized in modern scholarship as they seem in the biblical text. To help readers appreciate the place that these workers played in their ancient socio-economic and literary contexts, this work examines the key texts in the Deuteronomistic History that mention women in service occupations: slaves and dependents, cooks, wet nurses, childcare givers, prostitutes, and scribes. In the process, readers will discover, perhaps surprisingly, that these women were honored not in relation to matters such as sexual purity or marital faithfulness but on account of the valuable service that they provided.

Region Latin America
Author/Editor Mercedes García Bachmann
Co-Author/Co-Editor --
Published 5/1/2013 5:22:27 PM

Reading Ezra 9-10 Tu'a-wise: Rethinking Biblical Interpretation in Oceania

Reading tu’a-wise (Tongan: lau faka-tu’a) is an attempt to interpret the Bible through the ‘eye-/I-s’ of a Tongan commoner (tu’a). The primary concern of this book is to develop, on the one hand, an ‘alter-native’ approach to biblical interpretation from a Tongan standpoint and to depart, on the other hand, from theories and methods that dominate biblical scholarship. Lau faka-tu’a puts more emphasis on contextualizing the “pact” of biblical interpretation rather than the Bible per se.

Region Pacific
Author/Editor Nasili Vaka'uta
Published 11/2/2011 9:28:47 PM