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ICI Teaching Collaboration Program
In accordance with the recommendations of the International Cooperation Initiative (ICI), SBL is establishing an set of lists that will facilitate faculty cooperation, including exchange and co-supervision among scholars and institutions in different parts of the world.

Scholars who are interested in and willing to (co)supervise and generally mentor students in institutions outside their home country or who would like to teach in another country when they have sabbaticals or travel time are listed in one list:

Scholars who would like to participate should enter their information here. 

Schools and Institutions that are interested in these types of cooperative efforts are listed in a separate list:

Institutions that wish to participate should enter their information here.   

Individual scholars and schools will then have the information needed to contact each other and make their own arrangements. The SBL will not be responsible for any arrangements made by these parties. The SBL, as the host of this data, will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the individuals who offer their services through these lists.
Read how SBL members are taking advantage of the ICI Scholarly Exchange program to bring international scholars into their classrooms.
How Videoconferencing with International Scholars Can Enliven Your Classroom  By Kelley N. Coblentz Bautch

Reflections on a Trip to Fiji Arranged through SBL’s International Cooperation Initiative by Jonathan David Lawrence

Questions should be sent to the ICI staff representative Christopher Hooker.




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