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Tools and Resources
Since its founding in 1880, SBL has worked to provide access to resources and tools for those engaged in biblical scholarship. The following resources may be useful for students and teachers in various stages of their career.

Cultivating Letters of Recommendation

The Syllabus Collection

SBL, the American Academy of Religion, and the Wabash Center have collaborated to make available nearly 1,000 syllabi provided by professors in a variety of subfields in religious and theological education. Learn more.

Teaching Collaboration and Mentoring Program

At the recommendation of the International Cooperation Initiative, SBL maintains a database that facilitate international faculty cooperation, including exchange and co-supervision among scholars and institutions. Learn more.

Free Resources for the Classroom

Bible Odyssey, the public face of SBL, provides invaluable resources for the classroom. Articles published on Bible Odyssey are written by biblical scholars and directed toward the general public. These resources are especially valuable in high school and undergraduate contexts. Learn more.

Working with the Media Guidelines

SBL and the American Society of Overseas Research (ASOR) are committed to helping our members respond responsibly to the tremendous public interest in archaeology, biblical studies, and the ancient Near East. Academics and the Media: Four Perspectives is a free guide commissioned by SBL and ASOR that offers insight and advice for scholars presenting their work to the media.


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